Desert Strike Force 02

Right around 2500 points.

On the block for $1875.

Here's what's in it:

Five units as follows (so that’s fifty models):

8x Lasgun infantry

1x Meltagun

1x Sergeant with close combat weapon and laspistol

15x Autocannon heavy weapon teams. Magnetized.

Two Command Squads as follows:

1x Sergeant with ccw/laspistol

4x Lasguns

Yup just the basics

Two Special Weapon Squads as follows:

6x Flamers

6x Lasguns

Veterans (Kasrkin Models)

20x Kasrkin with Lasguns

9x Kasrkin with Meltaguns

3x Plasmaguns

4x Kasrkin with Voxcasters

4x Kasrkin Sergeants

1x Overseer for Psyker battle squad

9x Psykers

3x Vendetta Gunships

1x Chimera

3x Colossus



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