Desert Strike Force second wave- SOOOOLD!

Another studio army on the block!

This is an approx. 2500 pt Imperial Guard Army. Here's what's in it:
5x member Senior Command squad (HQ)
55x member Guardsman Platoon (five units each with a meltagun as well as a command)
15x Autocannon teams (magnetized to alternate Lascannons)
6x member Special Weapons Squad (three flamers)
6x member Special Weapons Squad (three flamers)
3x Collosus
10x Battle Psykers (including overseer)
1x Chimera
40x Veterans (four units, each with three special weapons, 9x meltas, 3x plasmas)
3x Vendettas

Cost is $1950
Ship is $9 in US, $25 most other places

See more pics.



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