Thanksgiving 2011

I am trying to break my conditioning.

I don't want to be indoctrinated. I want to know everything. I'm open to new things.

I wonder how much of my life has been lies and hormones. Misdirection, mentalism and good digestion. I'm sitting in my recliner thinking there's more of gravy than of grave about you.

If a heart stops beating for three minutes, the host is probably dead. Same with a business. If there are no sales for a week, it's like a massive stroke. So it is with that tireless beating that I work the keyboard and videocamera day after day. Holidays included.

Thursday morning I headed down to the studio to get some work done. I took my daughter with me. She is now twelve and a bundle of nerves as is normal for that age. She's an orderly girl. She loves lists and neat clothing. I take great joy to see my children discovering who they are.

Around mid-day we headed up north to my sister-in-laws. The two sisters and their mother. All prodigious cooks. It was a delectable spread; stuffed mushroom caps, chicken-apple meatballs, pecan pie, etc. So, I stuffed my face, overtalked everyone at the table and curled up like a python on the sofa. A perfect Thanksgiving.

But seriously, I actually did just sit and listen for most of the meal. I jumped on the trampoline with the kids and generally enjoyed my wonderful immediate and extended family.



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