Gatelynomics Feedback


Got some nice feedback on Gatelynomics. I got TWO whole episodes up!

Hey Shawn,

Just want to let you know I think the Gatelynomics series is excellent.
I'd say it really is making the workings of the world accessible,
building out from the everyday elements of people's lives and pointing
out the less pondered truths like time being an asset. It lets an
audience that is probably still quite young see they're in control of
their own lives, despite the constant suggestion the economy is a
distant and incomprehensible thing run by a specialist elite, which is
patently a distortion - we are all the economy.

I hope very much that you keep it up. If you feel you're running out of
material at any point, or you think attention spans or viewing figures
are too low, maybe change it up and repackage each core idea as a one-
or two-minute anecdote, something like 'Shawn's Words of Wisdom'. You
could even use minis to act it out - that would get minds focused.

At any rate, thanks very much, and not for the first time. I'm sure a
lot of people around the world identify with the community you've built
and are building, and that you're setting an excellent example. You're
showing us one solid way things can get better.


This was a really good video. I am 31, but was really sick at the age of 17 and off and on in my twenties. Eventually I found a good doctor and medication at the Cleveland Clinic when I was 28, and was diagnosed with something similar to afib. Now like your self, I try to do exactly what I want to because life is short. I just finished the rough draft for my novel Sunday at 3:00PM. It took me about a year to get this far. Lucky for me I have a lot of people helping me edit the book from English majors to teachers.

The point is I have been watching your videos for inspiration to finish the last two chapter of my book. Every day I check for the new video. At this moment I do not have spare money to invest in another art form, however if I am modestly successful with my book in anyway, I will celebrate by purchasing miniatures from TheBluePaintingTable. I can't think of a better way to reward myself. Your videos really make miniatures exciting.

Usually ever night after I get home from work, I work on my book a little and check out your latest video. Miniatures did not interest me before your videos, nor did I know what they even where. Much more success will coming your way in the future and I am excited to be able to watch it on youtube. There is no need to wish you success because it will happen. Thank you for making the videos.



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