Sunday November 20, 2011

What can I say about Sunday? I had peace in my soul. No real news, just hanging out at home with my beloved family. Tamie has been cleaning the house, top to bottom every room, like a mad-woman. She's in high spirits for Thanksgiving. The home teachers came by.

I spent most of the day reading up on Battle College. I think I read every single entry for Circle of Orboros. Not the faction I would have normally picked, but that's what I have. I really started them up because I wanted to use some of the cooler Rackham Wolfen figures. They've been sitting around for many months. I plan on adding a unit of Druids and some wolfen for Warpborn Skinwalkers. That should round up the Kaya Moonhunter list.

I'm also looking at Vayl for Legion of Everblight. I got a few heavy warbeasts laying about.



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