Orc and Goblin army for sale

This is a trade-in from a client. Most of the models are assembled. Most if not all of them are in paintable condition. You can buy them as-is OR have them commissioned in which case we will transform them into a gorgeous army.

This is a solid basic list; huge blocks of boyz with hero and war machine support plus some crazy stuff.

Price is $350 plus $9 ship in US and $25 most other places. That's for just the models as-is.

We can turn this into a workable army for +$1800. OR a masterpiece for +$2600. In the latter case we're talking about magnetized trays and some conversions with cool new ogre bitz (like for banners and weapons). Would need to drop or switch out the boarboyz, though.

2 Warbosses On Boars

1 Grimgor Ironhide

15 Arrer Boyz

33 Black orks with Standard Bearer & musician (metal)

11 Goblin wolf riders with Standard Bearer & musician

6 Squig herders with 17 squigs

1 Nightgoblin warboss

2 Rock Lobbers

10 Snotling Swarms

20 spider riders with 2 Standard Bearers & 2 musicians

8 Goblin fanatics (mixed metal & plastic)

2 Doomdiver catapults

4 Spear Chukkas

2 Warbosses on foot

1 Goblin warboss

15 four man ranked night goblins (there are 4 to a strip base on these) = 60 models

25 Night goblins

75 ork boyz with 3 standard bearers, various gear



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