Friday August 15 2008 Unemployed in Greenland

Picture: Dante, hero of the Blood Angels.

The day in the life began at about 6am. I got up and watched an episode of Deep Space Nine while answering various emails. As usual, Griffin got up before anyone else and we turned to Ben 10 and I layed on the couch with him and took a cat nap.

I then headed out to the Provo Temple. The flowers there are in full bloom and there are so many of them, a giant aisle of flowers and wheat-like stalks, that the aroma practically lifted me off my feet.

My mind clear, I headed back to the office around 1pm to find that everything was running smoothly. There was a giant pile of projects to be sorted to various destinations: assembly, painting, billing, and ordering. There was also a huge box full of models that completed various projects.

Share the joy.

Mike was down finishing up a project today. We spent a goodly time standing around shooting the bull about our D&D game. If the game is too easy it becomes a cake walk and the excitement, the thrill of imminent death, goes away. It is my sacred duty to make the possibility of death a reality.

For that moment we were five of us (Renn, Sarah, Brigham, Mike and I) standing around shooting the breeze, we didn't want to go back to work. Which is odd given how enjoyable our work is!

My printer has been making an odd noise and finally died out, bringing the operation to a stand still. My wife came by to pick up a deposit and we did a switch-off. I took the kids and she headed out alone to do errands. I loaded the kids up in the car and swung by a burger joint. I was going to just swing through the drive through but once they caught sight of that playground thing we ended up going in. Fortunately, they have wi-fi so I was able to keep working unabated. It's a constant race to keep up on communications. I like it, though, I get to meet a lot of new people.

Once at home I put the kids to work on their various chores and cleaning up. And at last I put them to bed. Tamie is out running around, a much-needed break. She's picking up a new printer. That will be nice. That is one essential piece of equipment!

I love spending time with my kids. They are really something special.

On another note.

BTP provides jobs. Some sweet jobs. Heather is coming up on four years. Her life is completely changed. She used to be pitiful and on the dole. But she's a go-getter and she decided to work really hard and get good at this profession. Because she has MS she can't hold a regular job. Because of the flexibility and accomodations that this job provides she's been able to completely get on her own two feet, soon to be remarried, and she just bought a house.

Heather is a Hero of the Imperium in my book. She has been there through thick and thin.

Blue Table Painting has a life of its own. I want my artists to hold their heads up high and win the bread; to develop and conquer. To grow with the business. I look back with satisfaction at the trail already blazed (in spite of mistakes), and with high hopes for the future.

This business provides for many people. They pay their rent with it. They will pay for weddings, children, and ... life with it. I feel a terrible responsibility on my shoulders. If the business declines, people don't have work to do.

PS- I am watching Stargate Atlantis again. The Ancients were a bunch of wimps if you ask me.

PPS- If you like the taste of Play-Doh, then by all means pick up a box of new Nilla Cakesters. Those things are gross beyond belief. Sorry, but it had to be said.


David Andersson said...

Good to see life is good, Shawn! I'm a big fan of your youtube videos and watch them daily, keep up the great work. Oh, and if you're watching StarGate Atlantis, try the series Battlestar Galactica (the new one, not the one from 1978) if you haven't already. One of the best Sci-Fi series out there (in my opinion of course!).

Reddragon56789 said...

Very good Shawn! I like your business very much. I would love to know how I would apply for a job in this. (By the way, a good sci-fi show would be Doctor who. You should look it up!) Message me on my Youtube account: Reddragon56789. Thanks!

bluetablepainting said...

Unless someone leaves, I probably won't do very much hiring in the coming years. If you are serious, you can turn this into a profession just doing it on your own. I am always glad to lend some "sage" advice to anyone in this vein.

Reddragon56789 said...

How would I get permission from games-workshop in order to set up a store?

bluetablepainting said...

reddragon: Contact Games Workshop for information on setting up a retailer's account. This is different than painting for commission. If you have other questions, I would say you should contact me on my regular email. We can set up a phone conversation, too.


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