Saturday August 29 2008 Labyrinth

Picture: Runt-herd from the Killa Cave Kommandos. This is a kustom army made by one of the Painters

I got in some Orks, Tyranids and Grey Knights, (which I bought from a client) mostly assembled and ready to paint. The deal was too good to pass up. I plan on using a lot of the Orks for a studio army. The other two I'm not sure what to do with. I would certainly make an attractive deal on them. Contact me at if interested. There is a list of models below.

My day started bright and early, around 5:30am. I awoke refreshed without alarm and had a banana for breakfast. It's nature's Power Bar. Then off to the Provo Temple to do some work with my home teacher, Rob. I admit that if I weren't meeting him there I probably would have gone back to sleep. The Provo temple is on the foothills of earth-tone canyon cliffs, like two herculean book-ends, and when the morning light spills forth and illuminates the white stone and tall spire, it looks like some Elven citadel. There is a twin walkway leading up to it past thick rows of flowers and broad verdant lawns. In front of a broad curving portico are two fountains surrounded by light grey stonework and benches. This is where I like to look back on the valley and get a moment's perspective.

I had breakfast there, too. Waffles (with whipped cream of course), sausage, bacon, omelette, tapioca pudding and a frosty chocolate milk. My eyes were way bigger than my stomach. Next time I go through the line I'm going to close one eye.

Then back home to change around 11am, pick up the GW order (which was stowed there after Paint Fest on Friday-- sorry no footage of that), and headed to the studio. Finding myself alone, I commenced preparing various projects for the coming week. I made substantial inroads there.

About Paint Fest. There was a good turnout. I painted up five converted Dark Elf wyches which I'm going to use as Drow in my D&D game (though I painted them with pale skin). I am astounded at the progress of the group. I don't think there's anything they can't do.

The bulk of the afternoon was spent playing a game of 40K with Jon. A while back I traded him a whole gaggle of old Ork figs and he really made them into something special. We played on a labyrinthine board, which really was unfair in the end because it herded his massed troops into narrow confines. But it was a fun idea and a good time was had by all.
Mike E. came by to show us his D&D figure. We couldn't figure out what range it was from. Turns out he scratch sculpted it. We couldn't believe it. I was totally surprised with his ability.
I swung by the store on the way home and picked up bananas, milk, and fish.
Once home I found my wife completely shell-shocked from watching our three kids plus three neighborhood kids all day long. I don't know how these six-kid families do it day in and day out. Well, I guess I'm going to have four soon and that seems normal to me. I guess you just get used to it. I for one enjoy my kids very much. I don't find them a burden at all.
My wife told me that when she lamented that there was no milk, little Griffin disappeared downstairs, returning a minute later with six cents. "Here mommy, now you can buy some milk."

Recently Acquired Armies:
These are available for commission. They are mostly assembled already. They are all current edition models and ready to go. I will probably use most of the Orks for a studio army, but if there is a taker I will just get mine later.

All models are Assembled and spray painted black using the standard citadel paints “Chaos Black” unless stated other wise. The bits are the remaining pieces off the assembled models. You know as well as I do, bits have great value.

Ork Models:
Pain boy x2 (Unassembled still in the box)
Ork Gyro Copter x1 (Un-spray painted)
Mega Nob x3
Nob x6
Big Mek x3
Oil Grot x1
Ork Rutherd x1
Grot x12
Squig Hound x3
Commando x5
Tank Busta x5
Bomb Squig x2
Storm Boy x8
Ork Dreadnaught x1
Killer Kan x3
Burna x4
Loota x4
Mek x2
Ork Bike x3
War Buggie x1
War Trukk x1
Ork Boy x70

Tyranid Models:
Tyranid Hive Guard x2
Tyranid Warrior x8
Gene Stealer x11
Tyranid Rippers x4
Spore mine x3
Guant x16

Daemon Hunter Models:
Assorted Inquisitor Retinue Models x15
Grey Knight x40
Vindicare Assassin x1
Gray Knight Terminator x9
Land Raider Crusader x1



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