Monday August 4 2008 Low Rumble

Picture: a Macharius tank by Forge World. See various here.

Tip: when assembling resin, be sure to wash it with soapy water and let it dry thoroughly. There is mould release agent on the resin most like. This won't cooperate with the primer or paint. Use automotive primer. It sticks better.

It was a crazy Monday as always. When packages come in, they are opened and we unload the contents into foam-lined bins. Then we send an email confirming receipt of models. Then they go to Assembly for cleaning and to get basework done... and to be assembled of course. Even if a project comes assembled it goes in for repairs and a double-check.

I think that we'll be caught up tomorrow.

There are still four open slots in August.


Anonymous said...

I saw the youtube clip of all the FW tanks...

How does this work? Were these commissioned in the manner of.... "Hey Blue Table, I want a completely assembled and painted Gorgon. Please buy it from FW, assemble and paint it for me and I'll pay you whatever"?

Or, do you just go out and buy these things, assemble and paint them and then try and find a buyer? Or, my guess is, it's a combination of both.

It's nice to see all the work you do and I love to watch the clips on YouTube. I'm just trying to understand how you can afford to have so much inventory and stuff coming through your shop.

Blue Table Painting said...

Most of our work is on a commission basis: the client decides what he or she wants done and we do it. We can acquire the materials and assemble the models. Or the client can provide the models ready to paint.

Painting things first then trying to find a buyer is very difficult.

Blue Table Painting said...

Oh, and as to affording it. That's just it, I don't afford anything-- the clients pay for all the materials. I've often called it miniatures battles bulemia (sp?)-- all the fun and none of the consequences.


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