Monday August 25 2008 Freeks

Picture: a Blood Angels Chaplain.

This morning at 3am or so, I turned off my alarm so I could get a good nights sleep. Then I awoke with a start. Oh crud, I'm supposed to get the kids off to school! So, I turned my cell back on to see what time it was. Whew, still forty minutes to get them going. They barely made it.

Kenna had to come home because she hurled. Poor girl. After tending to her, mom got her back to school.

I am tinkering with various lists, either Eldar is coming up (a mostly Jetbike army) OR Orks. I play mostly for fun, so I think the Orks might be a blast for a change. Lots of Trukks would be cool. The 5th edition rules are very kind to passengers on a transport.

Meanwhile, Sarah and I were double-teaming the main room, getting projects set up.

September is quite open:

September 8-15: Two Slots (could really use some War Machine or Hordes in here, but anything is all right)
September 15-22: Seven Slots

September 22-29: Nine Slots

There are also two Terrain slots open for September.

Check out this shoulderpad: it's a spare face from a defiler. It fits nearly perfect. It's a cool option.

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Thurston Hillman said...

I'm currently building up an Eldar Jetbike army myself and it has been a BLAST! I'm really looking forward to getting more of it painted as time goes on.

Excellent blog by the way, certainly keeps me inspired to do new things, and want new models!


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