Saturday August 2 2008 Status Report

Picture: One of a pair of Basilisks. These are heavy support for an Imperial Guard army.
At this moment I am up at 5am with my daughter watching Flash Gordon, one of my favorite all time movies. (of course I FF through the scary parts).
Friday, I went out to eat with some of the artists and we recounted disturbing tales of rats and dogs and juvenile delinqency down at the local Subway. We also had a brain-storm about sculpting and casting figures, and also creating some games down the line.
In fact, we have just cast our first whole sculpt. More on that forthcoming. That'll get painted up over the weekend.
The following projects are under the brush and are due for completion in the next 4-10 days. There have been some delays mostly due to waiting for specialty orders. As usual, if you don’t see your project and want to get an update just contact me and I’ll respond promptly.
Empire 03 KO
Imperial Guard 01 ML
Imperial Guard 01 JT
Reptus 05 TC locked
Tau Verdaan 02 MM
Inquisition 03 RT
Imperial Guard 01 SM fw tanks
Khorne 03 JB (may be delayed one week)
Burning Sons 01 JR
Eldar 01 JR (may be delayed one week)
Biel Tan 01 CH
Anima 03 TC
Vampire Counts 02 LG
Emperors Champion BS
Ulthwe 01 AH
40K Radio Models
Terrain 02 AS
Bretonnians 01 JJ (first part only—knights)

The following projects are in Assembly and are going under the brush in early August:
Emperors Gauntlets 02 SM
Dragonfly Nids 03 MG
Anima 03 TC
Reptus 05 TC
Black Orcs 01 ER
Imperial Guard 01 ML
Warhammer Buildings 01 AS
Daemons 01 JF
Urban Bases 02 JM
40K Radio figures
Angry Goats 01 TB bf
Elven Archer LN
Emperor's Children 09 EB er
Khorne 03 JB
Questing Knights 05 JH
Ultramarines 01 AC
Ultramarines 01 MN
Tau 09 TO (bitz finally arrived)



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