Stonemarch Session 06- Sacking of Winterhaven

Just a brief synopsis.

At the end of session the party got into town and was met by Ninarin who lured them into the basement and wizard locked the door. But at the beginning of session 06 they got out through the aqueducts under the city and back up over the walls. She also took away her daughter Uletsabe

They found that the inhabitants of the town were rounded up into Wrafton's Inn and a tribe of goblins sacking the town. Seeing the townsfolk in trouble the heroes jumped from the walls and headed over to the the smithy to loot the place.

They didn't make it. Ninarin harrassed them with her bladed sphere (in my campaign Ninarin is a main villain and a powerful Star Pack Warlock), teleporting around town. The party was all over the place, running hither and thither without organization.

Ninarin ordered the gate opened (letting in a troll), put the guard on alert to arrest the heroes, and generally caused all sorts of problems.

The villagers were led into the dungeons far below the city (in my campaign the shadowfell keep dungeon is under Winterhaven) by the Red Reaver goblin tribe. The party found an alternate route into the dungeon and headed down.

They snuck around and found the goblins herding the villagers deeper into the dungeon. Seeing the plight of the poor commoners they promptly went to explore other areas of the dungeon.

They cleared out a goblin wizard's lair and then (good thing they wandered off) stumbled on Uletsabe in a torture chamber. They saved her just in the nick of time!

They also finally got Duvan (their mentor, who speaks Kobold) to question the Kobold sub-chieftan that Galifax (Dragonborn fighter played by Renn) had been carting around on his back. The kobold revealed that their queen had been abducted and held in the town and thus they had come to release her by seige and force.

It was a six hour session. It was so good that the time just flew by.



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