Sunday August 10 2008 Catch 22

Another Sunday. Sweet.

It was the usual. Lazy morning. Church. Home Teaching in the afternoon. A few walks around the neighborhood with the kids. We also visited a family where the husband was severely burned while working on on some electrical system. He's in bad shape-- burns all over and his entire left arm bandaged up.

Just before church Tamie and I were sprawled out in the front room in our skivvies wondering for just one moment if we shouldn't skip out just this one Sunday. Heck no! And so we got everyone going.

Today's lesson was on justice and mercy. I must say that I'm glad not to be teaching any more. I can just sit there and get a moment's peace and think things over.

What else to say? As usual my mind is simmering with worries about the business. It almost takes a whole day just to lay it aside, like a farmer looking out over the fields from the porch-- fretting over this or that.

Tomorrow morning Tamie and I are going to the ultrasound to find out the health, status and gender of the baby. I'm super excited. We are getting along famously. In fact, our family life is quite peaceful in general.

As usual, I make my usual disclaimer: I am subject to similar foibles as any man. My only intent is to uplift, perhaps, some sagging soul.



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