Tuesday August 12 2008 Mellow Yellow

Picture: Blasphemy! A yellow bloodthirster by Forge World.

See other pics.
See a vid. with commentary.

I wish I had something interesting to write. Things are smooth at the studio. Projects for this last cycle are due in Thursday morning-- if you have something coming due this week, pics should be up on Friday.

The studio is running well on account of an excellent crew: they are each one dedicated and cheerful.

I'm now booking for September, please contact me if you'd like something done. As usual, my goal is to get everything set up for September before the end of August.

I spend about an hour and a half chewing the fat with Brigh. He was a high school English teacher before this. We also talked a lot about sculpting and casting our own figures. The plan is to create two armies and a game system. It's really all for a lark-- the figures are meant to stand on their own for collectors or whoever. Oooooh, I bet you'd like to know what's cooking!

Plus this is a really new area for us, so it won't be like Forge World or anything.

At home, all is at peace. I had chicken and watermelon for dinner, answering a few last emails while watching Star Trek. I'm going back over TNG-- that's the most positive of all of them.

Solve for "The Field": refers to missionary scripture D&C 4 referring to the world as a field. Or, if you will, the field from the parable of wheat and tares (also the world).



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