Green Stuff

Some tips about epoxy putty

This is also known as “green stuff”.

Use only hobby grade stuff. Many brands of epoxy putty are for plumbing and are entirely unsuited for using with miniatures.

Wet your hands when mixing, water keeps the putty from sticking to your fingers. Or your tools for that matter.

Dental tools can be had at most “dollar stores” and are fabulous for shaping putty. Galeforce Nine puts out a set that is out of this world, and worth every penny.

If the temperature is warm, the putty will be more workable and stay malleable for longer.

If you want your putty to stay solid while it is setting, you can put it in the freezer.

Two-part epoxy putty relies on a chemical reaction to dry. It does not need air.


James said...

Shawn, I've found that petrolium jelly (vaseline) works better than water on sculpting tools - It does make the greenstuff greasy, but it doesn't evaporate off the tools; and prevents the green stuff from sticking to them without having to constantly wet things. -- James

Naelok said...

Hey Shawn, what do you think of the Marine rumours that have been spilling out (there's a big post on BoLS today dealing with them). Got any big projects planned for the release?


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