Babylon A.D.

Now, as a matter of critical review I like to take a measured approach; giving pros and cons and perhaps a bit of enlightenment.

I will not do that here. This movie was so bad I felt inclined to warn people away from it out front of the theatre. I wanted to mind-barf to get it out forever.


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Matt said...

You know I /really/ like Vin Diesel, which makes it rough on me. He has VERY few good movies.

I think that about 75% of the way through they fired the editor and let the writers go unchecked.

Because up until what my spoiler-free nature will call "The New York Debacle" I really enjoyed the movie. Then it pulled an AI on me, and it felt like I was being punished for not leaving when I knew I should have.

It wasnt as bad as Jumper. In Jumper I really felt like there was a rich, amazing 'setting' - like a great roleplaying setting and a lousy DM.

So Shawn, did you like the first 60% or so of the movie ?


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