Wednesday September 3 2008 Sweeping

Picture: a Dire Avenger exarch with wings from an epic scale revenant titan. Pretty sweet conversion. This is from part 02 of the Winter Eldar army. This is our 2,530th project.

First off, I am still booking projects for September. I have about three slots open. Solid ones. Also, it would be great to get some terrain project set up for Sarah. She is talented, dedicated, and inventive.

Big news at the Gately household. We lost the TV remote. It was lost for over a day. It was chaos. We never pray so hard as when we lose the remote. Sad really. Mom found it in Jonah's closet. The kids hide the remote so the other kids can't change the channel while they go to the bathroom or get something to eat.

I took a hint from the gas station and tied a big old plastic dinosaur to it with a red ribbon. The dinosaur's name is Herbert. His job is to be sure the remote doesn't leave the family room. The kids think its hilarious. Kenna picked it up and said "come along Herbert".

So, don't tell me that we don't have problems in the U.S. We've got our own troubles like losing the remote. Or sometimes the ice-maker is clogged. And once, I didn't have milk for my Froot Loops. It's tough.

All is well at the Gately household. Things are running smooth. After evening prayers the kids want piggy back rides to their beds, and while we're kneeling around they scootch sneakily closer to me so that when the "amen" is said they can jump directly on.

Now, on to the day. I was up bright and early around 6:30am. Kenna got up early so she could watch the end of her Pokemon movie. She is really turning into a responsible young person. She takes care of herself in the morning, making her bed without prompting. Tamie is doing good with that.

I started clearing emails and answering various queries. And balancing the checkbook, which I do every day. I'm really good at tracking the money. People think I have a dream job. And I do. But make no mistake, it is a huge responsibility. Payroll comes every two weeks and that money had better be in the bank, brother. A lesser man would buckle under the pressure.

I was fasting this morning since I had to swing by the doctor's office for some bloodwork.

That reminds me, I had a checkup yesterday, and as usual I got stamped 100% USDA Grade AAA Man-Beef. Well, I did get some bad news. I need to start exercising and eating better. Blerg.

When I arrived at the studio I found Sarah working busily at digital photography. We double-teamed a bunch of projects, getting things set up and organized and out to the Post Office. I like the PO. I always chat up the ladies down there. Most people don't know it but the limitations on package size are getting a lot stricter and some companies (all I think) are starting to charge by volume, which makes it a huge expense. I spend way more on shipping than I do on rent.

Shipping a typical army is something on the order of $30-50. A full army that is. Actually this is explosive if clients send cases. Please don't send army cases unless you are absolutely sure (and hold us harmless) you want the models sent back in those same cases.

After a flurry of activity I left around 3:30pm with my wife and Griffin. We went by Sonic and got some ice cream and chili dogs and sat in the car, in the shade (it was like 78 degrees, god's air conditioner was on). Then I headed home. We spent some family time out in the back yard kicking around the soccer ball (Jonah is in soccer at school now). One of the sprinkler pipes is leaking again and I got to bail that out. Standing water is a problem in the neighborhood (mosquitos) so I did the rounds on that making sure there wasn't any around. We cleaned up the back porch, too.

The following projects are already done or should be done soon (ie they are "late" for this cycle that ended September 3)

Iyanden 01 BH (probably another week)
Ultramarines 08 TO (some trouble with the hatches)
Winter Eldar 01 PP
Firebloods 02 TC
Millennial Sons 01 CS
Sacea Tau 01 JB
Dark Heresy Terrain 01 RT
Aeronautic Imperialis 01 MN
Magma Nids 01 AC
Phoenix Lords 01 AS
Ogres 01 TB skragg (was it delivered?)
High Elves 02 GO

The following projects are going under the brush this cycle and should be done in 5-10 days:

Tyranids 01 WT
Space Wolves 02 RG
Inquisition 04 RT
Tau Verdaan 04 MM (actually, done!)
Soulgrinders CS
Tau Verdaan 03 MM
Imperial Guard 01 LR
Grey Knights 02 ED (this has been delayed but is now top of the list)
Eldar Fleet 01 SR
Ghost Warriors 07 AS
Dark Elves 01 RD dreadlord
Steel Legion 02 ES
Daemonhunters 01 FL display
D&D Terrain 01 ES
Baneblade 01 RN
Daemon Prince 01 PC
High Elves 02 GO (should actually be done sooner)
Urban Bases 02 JM
Blood Ravens 01 CZ

I am changing my policy. Projects may take as long as eight weeks. We try to get things done in 3-4 weeks. We have a very good turnaround. It's very unusual for something to take longer than six weeks. After eight weeks you can give me grief. But not before.

As usual, I am following the political process with great interest. I still plan on reviewing Obama's book (and the one by McCain, as light as it is). Basically, none of them can be trusted to shut down the printing presses. Four Trillion dollars have been printed and distributed to the well-connected. That is a big part of why prices are going up. There are more dollars in circulation.

I doubt McCain is going to veto "emergency supplemental appropriations" bills to finance wars to the tune of 200 billion a pop. So all that talk about curbing spending sounds awfully hollow to me.

Right now I'm up watching Palin's speech with my wife. That's a real gut-buster. The republican party has lost the high-ground on big government. They had just better shut up about the size of government. I didn't used to get little notes in my luggage informing me it had been searched.

"We aren't going to raise taxes like the Dems... ahem... we'll just print trillions of dollars and devalue the currency and do an end run around the will of the people."

Taxation without notification.

Our forefathers were dumping tea in the harbour over 1% taxes. Medievals serfs only had to pay around 10%. (can anyone confirm this?)

And don't think I'm going to take it easy on the other side. I'm just not sure which is worse. It's a sad day when the Dems start looking like the fiscally responsible ones.

Now Ron Paul. I'd take a bullet for that guy. A founding father was reincarnated in our day, ran for office, and was run out on a rail. I'm not done with him yet. I've still got the lawn sign in front of our house. I'm never taking it down. It's going to be a conversation piece.

So, what should you do? Get online and start finding out who your representatives are and how they vote. Find out where the caucuses are. It's a giant pain to get out. But it's your civic duty. Generations before you have slacked and you are paying the price in loss of liberty. I admit that I slacked most of my life. I am ashamed to say it.

Anyway, Tamie is amazingly pregnant and absolutely glowing with impending motherhood. I do double duty to take some of the load off her, running up and down the stairs. I got to feel the baby kick for the first time. Sweet.

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Phil said...

That is a great Dire Avenger Exarch- Shawn,Thanks for continuing to paint wonderful armies. The next project is brewing in my mind- I know it will be a success like the first 2. (BTP has painted nearly 300 models for me- they have done a great job) Keep up the Great work BTP.


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