Fear Me Mortals, for I am Eye Candy!

The new Chaos Mortals army is coming out soon. I am surprised at how many new kits are in there. GW usually keeps the basic infantry plastics (like with Dark Elves), but in this case it looks like at least three new core units will get plastic kits; Marauder horsemen, Chaos Knights and Chaos Warriors. Amazing.

Unless I'm wrong. Now that I think about it, the cavalry will probably be metal. In any case they look really cool.

A while back I made a chaos mortals army with a ton of conversion work:

Chaos Mortals of Tchar

The army is now in California, but I'd like to re-do it for sure. I'm a huge fan of integrating other model ranges (eg the plastic Reek Beasts for the chariots).

One improvement GW has made to the cavalry in the last year is integrating the tails into the model. Another one is to hide the lines from putting the two horse halves together.

Now was this really necessary? The juggernaut from the Chaos Daemons release was just fine. Oh, but no, they had to go and do something even more kickass. Notice how this one has more natural animal-like features and posture.

I think that the previous Chaos Warrior Plastics were just fine. But I have to say that these new onese are much more evocative. They are also more creased in their definition. Designs of new models are also better about ranking up. Some older models are not very friendly (eg the high elf phoenix guard).

An odd downside of newer GW sculpts is that they are putting on 50% more detail. That means they are harder to paint. Empire warriors are a great example of this. The old ones were pretty plain, now they have scrolls, periapts, skulls, fishes, lunchboxes, dead birds and all sorts of malarkey all over them.

This model is out of sight. The pose is reminiscent of Frank Frazetta's stuff.
My understanding is this is a plastic kit. That would be really cool.



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