Thursday September 4 2008 Velve Jabbuk

It is late and I just want to make a quick post.

First, I would like to give a good word of encouragement to the young readers age 12-16. Keep your chin up. Life gets better. The electrical storm in your head is normal. Everything is keener and sharper. That's the way it's supposed to be. May the good and gracious God of Heaven smile down on you. May your hands be strengthened.

Distant Second, I really need to get September booked up and get October underway. Now's the time to start.

Life is good. Right now the entire family is dozing away. I spent some time reclined next to my wonderful wife, my hand on her rotund belly waiting for the baby to kick. Then I retired to the family room with a meatloaf sandwich and a glass of chocolate milk to watch some season 2 Star Trek: TNG. I find that show very uplifting, very soothing. It has an optimistic streak that some of the others lack.

I am hoping to go on a solo pilgrimage to Oregon in November. Not sure if that is going to work out. It's a money issue mostly.

What else? Today we had a huge "staff meeting" for like five hours. During the meeting we fought and defeated a Cave Hydra and also stormed a Drow citadel. It was a great meeting as they always are at BTP.



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