Friday September 12 2008 He Wore a Hat and He had a Job

Picture: a converted Daemon Prince. See vid and stills.

At this moment it is 10pm. I am listening to Devo and acting as guard for the nocturnal shenanigans of my beautiful children.

First off, I am booking projects for October currently. If you want something done, it's best to get started now.

I still have that biker army and only a few bites so far.

My day began at 6:50am, typing away in the pre-dawn hours. After seeing the kids off to school I headed up to the MTC where I translate Spanish. I was actually on time for a change. My translation is slow, ponderous and with limited vocabulary. After chatting up the elderly Sisters in the international office I headed back to the studio where I changed into my casual duds.

I found Sarah diligently working away in the packing room. We cleared digital photography, unpacked the packages, got the work orders ready for painters and so forth. Really just another day of joking around and solving problems and working with great miniatures.

Anyone want to know what's on my mind? Taxes, politics, faith, and miniatures battles. The usual. My wife is "nesting". We had a long discussion tonight about how it is going to be in the next three months. We're going to do Christmas about two weeks early so it has almost no chance of falling near the birth of the baby girl. She also wants me to pick up slack on this thing called housework. Whatever that is.

I am sick to death that I am a collaborator in the robbing of my workers on behalf of the government. It simply isn't anything less than that. I plan on playing it by the book, though. Both parties have been complicit in the looting of the country. The blame and the solution lay with the common man-- get off your duff and vote for a third party.

Once home, I picked up my daughter and we went out for ice cream. Then I took Jonah to the father-son campout up at the reservoir. We flew kites, fished, and ate dutch oven dinner. But we didn't stay the night. Mankind didn't build all these houses so we could sleep in a tent.

While up at the campground for Father-Son thing, Jonah informed me he needed to use the bathroom. Where's the bathroom? It's down there, he replied. Well, I'm not walking all the way down there and you're not going by yourself; there are a lot of bushes around here why don't you go take a whiz over behind that one? So, he heads on over, drops trou' and starts watering the bush. I rush over and stand behind him so people can't see his egg mcmuffins. After hiking his trousers up I tell him, "usually people go around *behind* the bush!"

The following projects are under the brush and are expected to be completed in the next 5-10 days:

Orks and Angels 01 JC
Kroot 01 SS done
Inquisition 04 RT plus penitent
Emperors Children 10 EB
Daemonhunters 01 and 02 FL
Steel Legion 02 ES
Daemonhunters 01 FL display
Daemon Prince 01 PC done
Eldar Fleet 01 SR
Brettonians 01 JC +he mage about half done already
Daemons RY touchups done
Pirates 01 BC
War Machine 01 AR just barely getting started on Monday



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