Monday September 8 2008

Picture: an urban style Baneblade. This is an amazing kit and you can do variants for other races, too.

See pics and vid.

I spent most of the day with the Assembly crew working on that huge Ork army (we have two going concurrently right now. I took on the unpleasant task of texturing the bases on all 400+ models. It was really enlightening to work with those extremely talented people. We had a great time, I wish I could have recorded it all.

At this moment it is 4am. I am up with Griffin. He fell out of the bunkbed. He's all right now.

When Tamie and I had our first child, we would absolutely freak out if the child were keeping us up at odd hours. Now, it's very peaceful. We just go with the flow.

The following project is delayed on account of backordered models:
Wyches of Thoth 01

Just a reminder: I'm now booking project for October. Best to start early and get everything set up.

Now, not to throw a match in the gasoline barrel, but here's a video I found interesting. It's about politics. I'm not saying I agree (or don't agree), only that it's interesting. A sort of mental exercise.



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