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With the advent of Chaos Mortals for warhammer fantasy, I am of course thinking of how they could be integrated into 40K. here's an example from the studio Dragons of Moloch army:

Here a simple head and weapon swap gives the model a totally different feel.

I am eager to see how the new chaos fantasy model could be integrated into a 40K army. In fact, an army of old-style baroque army, but just replacing their weapons with chaos bolters would look absolutely amazing. Add to this the really cool options for Troops in the CSM codex (eg Plague Marines or Thousand Sons) AND that the 5th edition rulebook stresses the use of Troops choices and you've got a very playable army.

Army Concept: Judges of Wrath
Use the new Chaos Warrior plastics and arm then with chaos bolters. Paint in dark metallics with colored tinting like this guy's Eldar stuff. And count them as Thousand Sons. I think they are one of the most versatile and potent army units out there. With a mobile heavy weapon they can take on virtually any foe and power armored armies better shake in their ceramite boots (on account of the AP3 weapons).

Some parts from the Empire Flagellant plastics (which we have on hand) would complete the army feel. Other bitz from daemon and dark elf plastics would mark some of the models as Sorcerors. We could make some really cool staves.

What about other unit types? No reason those Chaos Knights couldn't be "count as" bikers. Or a few dreadnoughts tricked out with reliquaries and trophy racks and really medieval looking weapons. It's sort of like Chaos Mortals fantasy meets the 40th millenium, with thundering hooves they roar forth from the Warp!

And a McFarlane dragon with a rider as a Hell Blade. Whuf.

The trick to a good army is to have versatility and be able to meet a lot of different battlefield challenges. You don't want to have a one-trick pony. The problem is that the rules now call for a lot of Troops choices to take objectives. Therefore, it's of supreme importance to look closely at the codex's Troops section.

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Ironfaith said...

Man i would kill to have you do some grey knights to add to my army, but between no subbing jobs and getting shafted hours at my work, and having to shell out 5k between my car and my ATC program im broke. Oh well, keep up the good ideas and work. I look to you for inspiration and technique. Im only a beginner but i have aspirations. And your more than welcome to check out my blog also
. Leave comments if you wish.


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