Sunday September 7 2008 Normalcy

Let's talk about yesterday. I spent the morning at the Provo Temple then to the studio where I was pretty much hanging out with Joseph all day. He was finishing up the Lava Nids. That guy is such a genius at painting that I can't even understand half of what he says.

We listened to a bunch of those Real Men of Genius bud light commercials and laughed our butts off.

I made arrangements to get that massive Ork army assembled early next week.

At 4pm it was Stake Conference leadership. Usually I come out of anything church-related feeling quite upbeat, but as I drove home yesterday I had quite the opposite sensation. That my life has been really quite a waste up to this point and that I really haven't accomplished much. As I drove into the driveway and was shuffling into the house it occured to me that it's really unfair to sieze on a few weaknesses and blow them up into "my life is a failure". Even with that little epiphany I still felt pretty down.

So, basically, I'm just plugging along doing my best and leaving the judgment up to God. Hopefully I'll find mercy and grace at the last day. And in the meantime I plan on giving mercy and grace to my fellow man.

I've been watching the second season of Star Trek: TNG. I wish I could afford season three. Soon enough I suppose.

Now on to Sunday.

It was stake conference, so we spent a lazy Sunday morning watching TV, eating breakfast with my wife on the back porch in some perfect weather, and playing with the kids in the family room. Not to mention making up new magic items for the D&D game and getting things warmed up for next session. Sweet.

Stake conference was pretty keen. We camped out in a side room with speakers pumping the talks in. It was like a skybox. It's tough for the kids to sit through it all. I try to keep a balance on the expectations. They're not going to sit like little robots for an hour. I do love them so. They are my sweet little snooches.

Tamara and I went for a long walk this afternoon posting some flyers for the ward Father-Son outing later this week. The weather is a perfect 71 degrees. She is waddling along admirably. I'm just jumping up like Jonnie on the Spot to get her water, tums, or whatever she needs.

We spent the evening watching Bizarre Foods. Tamie loves that show. Oddly, they had a part where they ate fried bat (but not on a stick). That was beyond gross. I put the kids to bed, but about ten minutes later we heard the patter of feet upstairs. I headed up to find them looking pie-eyed at me, their mouths stuffed with marshmallows. Jonah said, "I just needed a drink of water". As he's saying this, little spuds of mallow are flying out of his mouth. "So, what's in your mouth?" He paused. "Uh, marshmallow." Yeah, that's what I thought.


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