Sunday September 14 2008 Restraining Bolt

No sermon, no politics today.

At this moment I am drinking Ovaltine and watching Return of the Jedi with my daughter. She should be in bed, but Mommie is asleep and I think Kenna's "nerd education" is very important.

I am very sad because I had a few projects rejected and I will be sorting that out on Monday. I am constantly worried about customer satisfaction. It's not as easy as it looks to run a company like this.

Anyway, I've started brewing up a crazy scheme to go live in a yurt. I would just love to own my own life instead of spending half my time paying interest to the bank. Like an indentured servant. So, I call the yurt idea "Plan Y". This morning I was joking with my wife that she'd be in the yurt, no running water or electricity, baby in one arm, cooking a can of beans on a little camper stove (still actually in the can, with the lid peeled partway off), pregnant and muttering "I can't believe he knocked me up again", and at that moment a giant gust of wind tears the yurt off the foundation and it rolls away across the desert.

No, Tamie doesn't like Play Y at all.

In yurt-related update, I met up with old pal Greg M. at church today and picked his brain a little bit about that. He works at an architect-type firm and he told me about all the insane zoning laws and permits that make it so the beauracrats can control every single aspect of your life and bleed you dry while doing it.

Yeah, but I won't get started on that.

The yurt would be solar and eco-friendly. Pretty sweet. Something is clicking inside my head.

My lovely wife fried up some chicken tonight, along with some mashed potatoes and corn. That's the good life.

Tamie and I took a walk around the neighborhood long about twilight tonight. Griffin came along, pedaling furiously on his little trike. He is ever so cute. He's a delight to have around. I think it was like 71 degrees, with an ever so slight breeze, and the smell of flowers and fresh-cut grass in the air.

I am extremely optimistic about the future. Not just me and my family, but the country and the world. The light is growing stronger.


Naelok said...

So I've been wondering Shawn, which third party are you going to vote for this November?

bluetablepainting said...

I'm not absolutely sure at this point. I'd love to vote Republican except the Republican party has turned its back on its own principles, I opine. Obviously, Ron Paul is a Libertarian type and I'd take a bullet for that guy.


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