Black Knights

Every once in a while I get an army list idea that is so good that it absolutely must be done.

The list is Chaos Space Marines Nurgle Themed. Now, normally nurgle is done all pustulent and green and slimy. Blah blah blah. We've seen it all before. What if it was more like a "dark angels of death" thing?

Chaos Space Marine bodies with the halberds/lances from the new warhammer fantasy Chaos Knights (we have extras). These are mounted with chaos bolters, much like the adeptus custodes. And in the other arm a shield, again the really cool ones from the chaos knights (again, we have extras for this conversion). This is what represents the additional point of toughness.

It gets better: use bloodletter heads (and in some cases perhaps swords at the ends of the halberds?) as masks, painted a dark steel.

Now on to coloration. Their armor is charcoal grey, faded to black in the recesses; dusky gold trim highlighted to polished gold; and red and silver as accent colors.

Terminator bodies for Obliterators. More ideas forthcoming on that.

I can see it clearly in my mind.

I invite input on a good list and generally on the idea.



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