Snowy Saturday Lazy Afternoon

I just can't get enough. So many games, so little time. I make it a habit to get in at least one game a week, and it's mighty tough not to play two!

First off, we're booking projects for February. Now's the time to get things set up.

I've got a hankering to play 40K, but I only have the various studio armies and I don't like to give them more than very light use. So, what's next for 40K. If all goes according to play, I think it's going to be Eldar. I am conflicted. I really want to try a force that features nine war walkers. I love the model and everything about it in the game. It's one of the few, maybe only, items where two of the same heavy weapon don't make it twin linked. Yeah, I really want to give that a spin.

Of course, I can't lose sight of what will be fun.

Anyhoo, I got the studio around noon on Saturday for my game with Mike D. (Notrep about that forthcoming). We had mexican food for lunch and played a 1950 point game. I think that's really an ideal point level. It's almost the highest you can go without adding in a (potentially unbalancing) Lord with Humongous Monster Mount. It was a most satisfying game, very close, though we don't know because we didn't add up the points at the end.

The duds of the game, as usual, were the Cold One Knights who failed to Stupidity checks and just rambled forward, got charged and wiped out. Oh, how I hate them. Great models, but they are blow-tastic.

The studs of the game, as usual, were the Black Guard, who charged right up the middle and swept all before them all the way to the opposite table edge: they got hit with a direct stone thrower hit, charged through two Fanatics and then proceeded to shred everything in sight with the remaining nine models. So, It's time to get another unit of those guys.

I am officially NOT doing chaos mortals nor skaven, but waiting for Lizardmen.

That evening I went out to eat with various family members on Tamies side: some steak and good company. That's good times. Tamies two sisters, her mother, and one of the husbands were there.

In the private chambers of the heart and laptop... I wonder if I've done all I could with my life. I thought that by this age I would be more... finished, refined I suppose. I am ready to give it another almighty go against some of my old inner daemons. Another run up the hill. The effectual struggle spoken of my King Limhi.

I've been having strange pains in my chest. Nagging and intermittent.

I've been watching every episode of Frasier in order. I'm partway through season two.

We've been playing Magic down at the studio. It's an enormous waste of time. But we're having a good time.



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