New Years Resolutions

I love resolutions! I think it's great to at least give it a shot.
I am a firm believer in incrementalism when it comes to self improvement. An obvious instance of this in my own life was on my mission. I was to get up of my own accord at 6:30am without fail, seven days a week, 365 days a year. At first, it was a week or two on and a week or two off. But then slowly it came into line. A good habit doesn't take all at once! I bought a huge silver alarm clock with the two bells on top. I put it all the way across the room so that I would have to get out of bed to turn it off. By then end of the two years, I would wake up naturally at 6:30am.
  • Eat more healthy (this is general on purpose). Almost anything would be more healthy than what I'm eating now.
  • Fast six times (working up to twelve for 2010!).
  • Spend more time with my kids. This one is the most serious of them. I do it already off and on, here and there, but with great frequency. I'm talking about daddy-daughter/son dates. At least twice a month.
  • Cut out the mild profanity.
  • I have three more but they're really personal.
It's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.
Better to do something half-assed than not at all. My wife hates that one. She says now and again that I did something half-assed. I remonstrate saying it's at least three-quarter-assed nowadays. So much for the mild profanity one! I'm going to start tomorrow, really.
But seriously speaking, a general conference talk which has been of great illumination to me talks about quest for betterment without beating one's-self up can be read here.



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