Hive Fleet Hades

The big news today is the arrival of Hive Fleet Hades as a trade-in. It's a studio army now.

See some pics.

Tomorrow is paint fest and I plan on going over them minutely for touchups, refurb and improvement. I may darken the skin areas just a bit. They are done in one of my favorite color schemes. The army is solid and fun to play. It is based on proven mechanics-- lots of gribblies and lots of shots. It's loaded with twin-linked devourers. I think that's the only thing any of the critters has.

Want to know what's in it?

Unit Name
Tyranid Hive Tyrant
Tyranid Tyrant Guard
Tyranid Warrior
Tyranid Spine Gaunts
Tyranid Ravener
Tyranid Spore Mine
Tyranid Zoanthrope
Tyranid Carnifex

When I first started 40K, the second edition of Warhammer 40K Tyranids were just out and I bought some of these hideous eyesores:

I tried to put them together with two part epoxy glue I got from a hardware store which was an absolute nightmare. I also primed the army with black enamel paint, which was hideous and ineffective beyond belief. My color scheme was bone colored carapace and bright purple skin. At least I had a decent color scheme, though I use the word "decent" liberally here.

I had about 60 of those metal hormagaunts. That was a lot of gaunts for 2nd edition! I had a load of fun with them-- making little scenarios pitting them against imperial guard. I even had the army through '97 when I had my game shop.
A footnote here about Politics. I am taking a short sabbatical. I need to read more. I need to get the basics of the Consitution down.
In other business-related news, I will be clearing out my Inbox on Saturday. I apologize for any delay in getting back to clients for various matters. There are only a few in there, but I just ran out of steam. And tomorrow is Paint Fest!
I am currently booking project for February, mid-to-late-month for completion.



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