I had a huge day today, Saturday. But I am so tired my head is sagging.

There are still six slots open for February, if you would like something done.

A few items:

We went to Sarah's house last night for dinner and we played Munchkin. Josephus and his wife were there, too. We had some kind of Indian soup (curry and potatoes) and a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Munchkin is not a good game for Mormons.
"Hey, can someone help me with this monster?"
"Sure! We can all help you!"
"Great! Thanks! OK, now that that's done, let me give you guys the treasure. Who can use a 'Dwarven Beard?'"
"Yay! We all win!"

I don't think that was what the creators of the game had in mind.

But I definitely want to play it again.

This morning I had dance class with my wife, which is most enjoyable. I just wish the instructor would slow down. I hardly have time to grasp one thing and it's on to another.

"OK, now ... two, three, step, step, step!"
"Waitasecund! What the hell happened to ONE!??"

I guess it's like painting. Just stick with it and it gets better and easier.

We had pizza tonight. With the baby Tamie isn't cooking as much. Speaking of which, the little pod is doing ever so well. She is pink and happy.
In an additional complication, we left my car in the Wal Mart parking lot, meaning to pick it up last night; but we forgot. So, this morning when I went out to drive to work my car was gone. .



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