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As most may know, I'm wending my way through all the seasons of Frasier. Ten seasons I think. I just put them on in the background. In fact, I think Mike D. was down painting an army through all of season two. What a kick. Anyone want to join in? Here's the episode I'm on right now this instant:

And the episode list on Wikipedia:

Today, the studio was warm and crackling like a fire. We did take-out at a local sandwich shop, a mountain of meat-stacked hoagies. Josephus came in with a Red Scorpions army partway done. I could not even believe how well they turned out. I gave him the Project Anphelion book and he just blew the whole thing out of the water. He tried this thing where he mixed baking soda and elmers glue to make mud texture. Very slick. More to come about that.

What else? We're working with to see if that will work. I'm very hopeful.

At this moment I am in the boys' room. I sit in here every night to monitor them and be sure they go to sleep rather than messing around. Every night it takes a little less time. I'm pleased with how it's working out.

So, what's going on in that little ant brain of mine? I have to pick a 40K army. Well, that's not a problem because I'm getting a trade-in Tyranid army composed pretty much of all my favorite models. Really a dream army. That will be on the block in due time.

Check out some of them here.

I might need to add a Trygon or two.

That means no Eldar. Tyranids it is. That's my second-favorite army.

I'm instead looking forward to Lizardmen. The important kits are due to be released in early February. My plan is to get the book and starting models in by the 13th of February and get the whole thing completed by the end of February.

"That woman has reached into your chest, pulled out your heart and threw it to her Hell Hounds for a chew toy!"



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