Day of High Jinx

See the rest of this army here.

This morning a client called me from overseas at 7:10am. It was a good thing because otherwise I would have overslept and the kids would have been late to their first post-holiday day at school.

It is bitter cold outside. The snow melts partially during the day, but the biting wind re-freezes it into solid ripples on cars, cement and houses. I spent part of the morning scraping ice off my car and shoveling the walk; a faithful chore of love I do for my wife.

After driving the kids to school I headed to the studio, arriving well before anyone else. I started preparing projects for various artists and also doing some general organizing. It is a new year so all the paperwork for the previous year needs to be sorted and filed. We finished nearly 1100 projects last year, the equivalent of at least 250 armies. No mean feat.

Read that again… Two HUNDRED fifty armies! That’s a conservative estimate.

It was a day filled with distractions. Like this:

Right now, I have the studio Iyanden army on the block. It's a really good deal, like the Imperial Guard and Chaos Space Marines. Oh, you'll all be sorry when I take them off the block! hehe.

I have yet another Iyanden army coming back home this week. You'll probably see that in a Batrep.

I'm booking projects for February. Don't hesitate to contact me for any matter.

It snowed about three times today. It make the world muffled and white. I really like it and haven't tired of a white winter. Utah is a great place to live. I came home around 7pm to my adoring children and a meal of home-made turkey-noodle-soup and apple cobbler. Pretty sweet.



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