Picture: a Hook Mountain Ogre from the Pathfinder range. These models are sculpted by the folks from Crocodile Games. They are quite characterful.

Today began at 6:30am, naturally and alert. I got the kids up and ready for school, putting fruit and home-made ravioli in their lunches. I then proceeded to spend about two or three hours processing videos. It's more time-consuming than people think.

The snow is receding, leaving a black ribbon of pavement flanked by mounds of icy snow. I do ever so miss the rain of my Oregon-an homeland. But I do have new things to love... snow-encrusted mountains, that in the dispersed mooncloud light look like another world hovering near.

Which leads me to the thought for the day. Every person (or city, or job) has a list of good things about it and a list of bad things about it. Make a decision. If you can love that person, then it's time to embrace the ENTIRE LIST and quit yer gripin'. It's not right to keep up a relationship but keep on belly-aching about the things on the bad list. If it's that bad, then leave for something better. If it's good overall then focus on the good list.

Which is why I hate to hear women griping about their husbands. Unless you had an arranged marriage... you picked him, so accept and love him for his whole self. It's really not fair to us poor men to get constantly picked at until the day we die. The reverse is true, too.

This doesn't apply to my marriage of course. I'm married to a very appreciative (and smart) woman.

However, I've found myself on the "nag" end of things. I get home from work and nothing is good enough. I find ever smaller things to pick on. That was the huge change this last year. I just started letting go and appreciating what I got. My wife can now do no wrong.

Of course, I don't want to come across as patronizing or preachy. I realize some situations are different. I'm just saying what I think.

Now, back to the day as it unfolded. I got to the studio around 11am to find Sarah and the new camera (code name Nellie) hard at work. Almost every project was a day late, two days in some cases, so we really had to crunch it in the late afternoon. It was like an emergency room.

We even made a Morning Show, but it sucked so bad I think we're going to scratch it. It was really flat.

Renn, Brigh and I have been playing some Magic on the side. What a time-parasite. But I taught my son how to play it and it's almost all he wants me to do. I am pleased beyond belief. He really likes and understands it. Really nice. His grades have even begun to suffer. I'm so proud! (just kidding). I put a moratorium on Magic at the studio until we are caught up.

Currently, we're booking projects for February. We're ready to go whenever you are.

To cap off the evening we (Sarah and her husband, Tamie and I) went out to Thai food at a new Orem restaurant called "Thai Drift" which I highly, highly recommend. It's right next to my favorite LGS, too.

What else? We're going to Adepticon this year. Tamie can't make it on account of the baby, so it'll be me a few of the crew.



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