Daemonhunters and Eldar

We made a Forge World order yesterday. It was a personal thing, not so much for the studio. Renn picked up some Death Korps mortars to round out his army, and I picked up a few Night Spinners.
I also ordered a Lord Hexeris, just because that model is so cool. I have a massive Grey Knights army coming in, which we are going to refurbish and upgrade, and I thought he would make a great HQ for that. Here's what's in it:

GKT Hero with storm bolter 1
GKT Hero with psycannon 1
GKT with psycannons 4
GKT BC with psycannons 4
GKT with incinerator 1
GKT with TH+SS 1
GKT with storm bolters 12
GK with psycannons 8
GK with incinerators 5
GK with stormbolters 55
GK Justicars 8

Inquisitor with psycannon 1
Inquisitor Cortez with retinue 1
Eversor assassin 1
death cult assassins 3

Dreadnought with various arms 3
CC Dreadnought with AC 1
As you can see this isn't a small army. It's a lot of Grey Knights. Anyway, you can look forward to that as a studio project. If anyone is interested, send out a line now.
OK, let's talk about Eldar. This will be like my sixth army of Eldar since starting 40K in 1996. I am still really torn about what to field in it. Eldar have so many great units: evocative, colorful, interesting, and deadly.
I'm not so interested in what is good. I want modelling opportunities and an army that is both fun to play and a challenge to play against. Here's what I have incoming soon:
6x grav tanks of various types
2x Night Spinner turrets
9x Vypers (got some great conversion ideas for these)
2x units of Dire Avengers
What else should I get?
Definitely going to put in a unit of three War Walkers. I've wanted for some time now to try fielding NINE of them in an army. Just to see how a marine army takes 36 star cannons shots in a turn.
My big problem is what to use as Troops choices. I really like Jetbikes. With a Warlock are they any good?
In other news: a rare and coveted Painter slot has opened up at the studio. I've interviewed about twenty people this week. It's grueling. But that doesn't mean I don't like it. It's great to meet new people and I am absolutely blown away by the level of talent that is showing up. It's agonizing to narrow it down. I should have it settled in about a week. But you will all not meet the new artist until 3-6 months from now.
The time involved with this process is what has kept me from both blog and youtube this week.
I still have a few slots open for February.



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