What's Going On at BTP

In a surge of activity, we are getting caught up. We are still booked out a reasonable amount of time, but I am sitting here twiddling my thumbs.

I am still trying to sell off a 1900 point Eldar army. It's on the block for $475. That's $410 worth of models with like $85 for the work of getting it ready.

I also have that huge, huge Grey Knights army which is up for refurbishment soon. I'm going to be looking for a home for that soon. The easier it is to find that person, the lower the price will be.
I have a High Elves v Dark Elves Batrep coming up on Friday with Mike Dunn taking the "evil" side. I'll be playing the Dark Elves. This will be a Notrep, just hap-hazardly reported.
I am looking for someone articulate to volunteer to scour the net for relevant information that I can put on our blog.
I put a lot of political type stuff on the blog. If you have a point or counterpoint that you would like to make, please send that in. I'm likely to post it as part of the discussion. I am a political explorer. I am trying to get to the bottom of things. So far, what I'm finding at the bottom is the banks. Well, maybe something even deeper than that.
We are playing Magic quite a bit, but still chugging along. I was afraid it would tank the productivity of the studio.
I also have a collection of Heru, all painted, that I am not using. UPDATE: I have taken these off the block.
I have a Batrep (fully documented) scheduled for the first Saturday in March. I'll be playing against Janene's Dwarfs. As usual, it will take a few days to get it all up and running.
There is yet ANOTHER Batrep on the docket for mid-March. It will be Ultramarines vs. Whatever. With a giant push it might even be my neeeew Teal Eldar. We plan on playing a game of Aeronautica Imperialis first, and making it a related scenario.
Sarah is out on Friday, so packages will be going out on Monday.
We are not doing terrain at this time. We may start in Spring when the weather is warmer.



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