Valentine's Day

When you don't see anything on the blog, it means that there is a lot going on.

Here's a summary:
Saturday was Valentine's day. My wife and I went out with her sisters and their husbands. We all get along ever so well.

We went to Rodizio Grill which is a Argentinian type steakhouse where they come around with all sorts of meat on skewers and cut you off a chunk if you want. Alligator, boar, pork, steak, and so forth. Sort of like Noah's ark gone wrong.

God: ding! Billy Bob, what happened to all the animals?
Billy Bob (Noah's lesser known cousin-- in redneck accent): Weeeell, we was gettin' a little peckish ya see...

Then off to a local playhouse for some wholesome entertainment.

That was quite a night.

On Sunday we had over relatives and friends for a lunch-type thing. At church we gave Willow a name and a blessing. Afterwards, sitting in the pew, I cradled the sleeping baby girl in my arms for about a half hour, just looking at her admiringly. It felt like everything faded away and we were alone inside a giant egg of peace and tranquility.



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