Valkyrie Pictures

The Valkyrie is not yet on the GW site, so to me that means release in April, maybe May with the general IG release.

I can't believe how good this kit looks. I am amazed that they made a Stompa. I wonder what is next. Here are my predictions:
First, the things that are made will coincide with the release of new armies. I've heard that Space Wolves are coming out later this year, but I can't imagine what kit would come out for them on that same scale.
I'm going to take a stab and say the next large kit will be a Tyranid type. Those are some of the hottest FW items.

Here's the rumored release schedule from .
Jan ---- Ork Stormboyz, Nobz, Gretchin, Battlewagon, and Characters
Feb --- Lizardmen
Mar-- - Apocalypse stuff Stompa/Shadowsword
Apr --- War of the Ring
May ---- Imperial guard
June --- Empire Greatswords, Archers, and Steam Tank (+ some LotR stuff)
July ---- Planet strike. Not Space Wolves. Not Missions book.
Aug ---- Elves for LOR
Sept --- Possible Space hulk re-release
Oct -- --Space wolves?
Nov ---- Beasts of chaos
Dec---- Nothing?

Early 2010
-Dark Eldar

Other 2009 releases:
- Plastic Valkyrie
- Eldar Bikes
- Plastic Daemon Prince
- Assorted Collector's Range/Bitz Packs

2010 Releases
- Dark Eldar
- Blood Angels
- Tyranids
- Inquisition



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