Jobs not Work

I was watching the Rachel Maddow show* and they were mocking some guy for saying that government projects don't create jobs but rather just creates work. Rachel and her guest could not believe it and didn't seem to understand his logic (are they really incapable of grasping this?). To me, what Michael Steele said makes perfect sense.

I picked this up off a related thread, and I think it provides some valuable insight:
One difference is that when you choose to buy something you support the business with your money. When the government chooses to buy something, they support the business with your money. They make the choice, not you. Another is that businesses get paid for a product or service, governments collect taxes. Government has to continue to collect more and more taxes to continue paying. Businesses increase products, prices, etc to continue paying and providing future benefits.

There was a House committe on small business jobs not long ago. Small businesses provide more jobs, make money, and pay taxes. I sincerely doubt most small business owners are rich. Some are truck drivers, some work from home, some have small store fronts. Many small businesses are moving towards bartering more, so they may not need your handout. The government may just have to learn to do without the taxes however. The underground economy may grow even if the US economy doesn't.

At least as far as educators the jobs will likely not go away, they will create future debts for those states. So expect the states to continue hitting up the tax payer for both salaries and benefits as well as retirement for the educators.Whether you see it or not the problem with government jobs is that they are paid for by the tax payer. So if the jobs stick around our taxes go up, up, up.

The only thought I would add here would be that the government does have a role in creating infrastructure for business and "life" to take place. IE roads.

However, I have also noticed that every time I speak out against over-taxation the protest is "what about roads, police, and fire-fighters?" Which is of course improper logic. I'm not talking about those things (which are mostly paid for locally-- not at the federal level). I am talking about maintaining Empire, and excesses at the federal level.

Don't think I like the republicans so much either. Those half-wits** blew through money like drunken sailors for eight years. Literally blowing it up on the desert sands. [sarcasm on] Oh, but now they're taking a stand against waste. Wouldn't want to spend it domestically. [sarcasm off]

In my opinion they have lost the moral high ground. Another party will have to take up their banner.

*I voraciously consume all sorts of media from both sides of the aisle. I think they are all bought up by the Powers that Be, the Bankers. Debate is an illusion. What is real is that a HUGE chunk of the net income/work/productivity of any given household/city/country is going into the pockets of people who do not work nor produce nor (in many cases) even invest money they have earned.

What I do love are independent sources. I am a huge fan of Ron Paul. I still have his 2008 presidential run sign out in front of my house. I don't plan on taking it down.

** I was going to say "ass-wits" or "jack-wipes" but that seemed bit non-sensical.



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