Drowsy Morning

Here is the song that is stuck in my head this morning.

I woke up naturally bright and early, around 7am. All right, it's bright, but not early. As usual, I had like ten clear thoughts in my head, which I jotted down and should be the subject of a future post.

My daughter is sick today. She shambled out and announced as much then proceeded to coccoon herself on the couch with a giant bowl of generic brand Lucky Charms at hand. We're watching Batman cartoons.

I played a few games of Magic with my son. That game is never going away now, if for no other reason that it gives bonding time for he and I. He is about 1.5 grades ahead in all his subjects. He is so smart and thoughtful. He is getting good. He beats me fairly often. Of course, half of Magic is deck building and my decks are really sub-standard.

My wife is puttering around in her pale-blue bath-robe making bacon-potato soup.



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