Extraordinary Times call for Extraordinary Measures

You can be sure that when you hear that phrase that the little guy is about to get worked over. Of course, this is nothing new.

Here are two opposites, presented for your consideration.

The first is an address put out today by Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve Chairman (?). I should note that the "Federal" Reserve is a private organization.


2) I tried to look up a certain book on Wikipedia and it is notably absent, but I found this article:

Griffin enrolled in the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado.[16] He became a Certified Financial Planner in 1989, and described the U.S. money system in his 1993 movie and 1994 book on the Federal Reserve System, The Creature from Jekyll Island.[1] This popular book[17][18] has been a business bestseller;[19][20] it has been reprinted in Japanese, 2005, and German, 2006. The book also influenced Ron Paul during the writing of a chapter on money and the Federal Reserve in Paul's New York Times number-one bestseller, The Revolution: A Manifesto, which recommended Griffin's book on its "Reading List for a Free and Prosperous America".[21]

The title is his depiction of a November 1910 meeting at Jekyll Island, Georgia, of seven bankers and economic policymakers who represented the financial elite of the western world.[22][23] The meeting was recounted by Forbes founder B. C. Forbes in 1916, and recalled by participant Frank Vanderlip as "the actual conception of what eventually became the Federal Reserve System".[24]

Griffin argued against the debt-based fiat money system on several grounds, stating that it devours individual prosperity through inflation and it is used to perpetuate war. He also described the framework by which central bankers have been observed to underwrite both sides of an ongoing war or revolution.[25] Griffin says that the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations and the World Bank are working to destroy American sovereignty through a system of world military and financial control, and argues for United States withdrawal from the United Nations.[10]

Edward Flaherty, an academic economist[26] described Griffin's description of the secret meeting on Jekyll Island as "conspiratorial", an "amateurish take on history" and "highly suspect".[27] Griffin responded to Flaherty's analysis on his website by stating that Flaherty has grouped the book with other publications and has effectively labeled any criticism of the Federal Reserve as the result of a conspiracy theory.[28]

Griffin's dreams of a free-market, private-money system superior to the Fed caused economist Bernard von NotHaus to deploy such a system in 1998. Griffin states that von NotHaus's private silver certificates, known as Liberty Dollars, are "real money".[29]

Here is something I came up with about the book. I have not made my way through it entirely.



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