Lizardmen of the Topaz Temple

It's official, the studio Lizardmen army is underway. Here's what's in it:

Slann Mage Priest (we are going to incorporate new Engine of the Gods parts on this) x1
Scar Veteran x1
Skink Priest x1
Skink Priest on Stegadon Engine of the Gods! x1
Saurus Warriors x20
Skinks x24
Skink Scouts x10
Kroxigors x3
Temple Guard x20
Stegadon x1
Barbed Razordons x3

I have plans on converting up a Tetto'Eko, too. I think he is outstanding. The ability to re-arrange 1d3 friendly units after deployment is outstanding. I think it's a game-winner. Nevermind that it seems like a really fun model to make.

We've got everything in and being assembled except the Razordons. We are working on color scheme.

The skinks are already done. Some of you may recall that I painted up 34 of them for my D&D game last year, using them as Kobolds. That's a nice head start.

All told the army is 2500 points. So, it's plenty big.

The major decision was to include a Slann Mage Priest instead of an Oldblood on Carnosaur. Of course, you don't need a huge old Carnosaur with all those Stegadons running around. They are harder to kill than a Giant. I guess we'll see the army in action soon enough and find out what's what.

On another front, I'm painting up another unit of Black Guard for my ice elves army. I can't wait to take them for a spin.

Book your projects for March now. I'm running a really good special and there are still some slots left for that (see 30/30 special below). We would just love to do some Tyranids especially.

You might remember "Hive Fleet Hades", a refurb army that we have now sold off. I got some really good feedback on that army list-- shooty and hitty. Doing that army again, that same list, but maybe a different color scheme would be a dream project.

A little-known fact: I am available by appointment to create armies. I will help you set everything up over the phone, including advising on all aspects you want. The whole thing can be underway by the end: instructions, concept, models ordered, and deposit paid. I can type everything for you.

I am a demon on the keyboard.



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