Teal Eldar

It's past the point of no return. The Eldar are going to happen. I have in two Falcons (which will become the chassis for Night Spinners, which are in from FW) and ten Dire Avengers.
I've decided against the red/orange/white color scheme and instead it's going to be Teal (yes teal, like the ocean pic above) and White with grey and gold as accent colors, maybe working in some pale purple. The jewels are going to be a dark teal worked up to a very very light glowy color. I've got it all worked out.
I think the loadout is going to be something like this:
1x Autarch on Jetbike
1x Farseer
2x Dire Avengers units in Wave Serpents
12x Rangers in two units
2x various Jetbike units with Warlocks
9x Vypers
3x War Walkers
2x Night Spinners
I think it will be flexible, fun to play with and against.
I have also decided to focus more on the wargaming aspect of the blog in the coming week. So expect a lot of youtube and miniatures related stuff.
I'll give you all a break from my heavy-handed moralizing.



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