Show and Tell

Check out these Black Templars.

I am just twiddling my thumbs. Ready to set up projects now to be slated for completion.

At this moment in time I am watching a special episode of Ben 10 with my kids. We love that show.

Today was super busy. We got a ton accomplished. Sarah is still going to bill some projects tonight. What did we accomplish:

  • Serious inroads to cleaning and organizing the bitz buildup in the assembly room (I think we sorted at least 300 sprues)
  • Packages up and out.
  • Prepping and processing of about ten new projects.
  • Four or so new projects reviewed and checked in.

    My Eldar came out of assembly. I added some of my own mods to them and they are ready to paint. It doesn't look like I have an opponent for this weekend, though.



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