Seven Seas

Part of a set of Nurgle Vehicles.

Another spectacular day. I awoke again at 3:30am, tried to get back to sleep, but couldn't, my mind already boiling with ideas.

I had to give up computer games, which I love, for my business. I don't have time for them.

The kids were home sick today.

I finally got a slow leak in one of my car tires repaired.

I played a two-headed giant game of Magic with the assembly guys. We're doing the tie-breaker tomorrow.

The studio was full of sound, and light, and activity today. A veritable emergency room of work, and thought, and inspiration.

Right now, at this moment, I am watching Pirates of the Carribean 3 with my wife. Good times.

I am ever so grateful for my good life, my good home, my good business, and my good family.



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