Beasts of Chaos Rumored List

This is supposedly due out very late 2009. Courtesy of General of Chaos on

Looks like there just tweeking pretty much the same list over and over again now. This one looks like it's going to be wrap. With just a minor twist here or there, but there a 90% chance this is what your going to see come late November/ December.

Great Bray Shaman
Doombull [magicial weapons and mutations only]
note- Lords can buy Chaos Armour for 10 pts

Bray Shaman

Beast Herd [rank up 5 wide]
Centigors [fast cav]

Tuskgor Chariots [2-1 choice]
Minotaurs [become core choice with Doombull]
Chaos Ogres
Dragon Ogres

Chaos Giant
Gorgon - [stat line: M8 WS5 S5 T5 W5 I3 5A]

New rule change: If your General decides not to ambush, your general can have the chance for Beast Herd units to scout. [roll a D6]
1-2: Beast Herds are drunk and do not Scout
3-4: 1 unit of Beast Herds can Scout
5-6: 2 units of Beast Herds can Scout

New models: Bestigors, Mino's, Dragon Ogre, Shamans, Beastlord/Wargor & Gorgon.

Lords can take 100 pts of magic items & 100 points of Chaos Mutations/Gifts. Hero's can take up to 50 points of magical items and 50 points of Chaos Mutations/Gifts.

Some interesting new items or Chaos Mutations/Gifts: [Mutations/Gifts can only be taken once]

* banner that turns Bestigors into Raider's like Beast Herds *
* breath gift * [breaths fire 25 pts]
* extra Two Arm Mutation * [adds +2 attacks to profile 50 pts]
* extra Horn * [adds a extra attack on the charge 20 pts]
* Hoof of Speed [double M5 model 30 pts]
* Stone Skin * [+2 to your armour save 25 pts]
* Staff of Darkoth is a bound item *
* Troll Hide * [50 pts for Regeneration]
* Unholy Beast Strength [+1S for 25 pts]
* Bloodstone Braystaff* [Arcane item that gives a +1LD to Shamans and +2 MR for 50 pts]

Spell Lores: Beasts of Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch are getting there own new lores. Very close to the WoC new lores with minor change to the lists. For Tzeentch player's I was told boon of Tzeentch is in there.

Inside thoughts from play tester's are: That a Doombull with Chaos Mutations can rival a Vampire Lord as a combat character now. Plus Chaos Armour & Stone Skin give him nice protection at 2+ armour save. He expects Doombull to be the most popular Lord choice!

Also by turning the Centigors into Fast Cav there no need to add flyers into a Beast of Chaos army. Between this move and the new Gorgon & Chaos Mutations, BoC should be able to compete very well in 7th edition.

I was told that they feel this list will pretty much go to print. That Games-Workshop and play testers are all happy with the end results so far. Will post more information as I get it. As I asked for the new lores so I can play test with my friends myself.




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