Flying By

Second part of the Swords of the Prophet.

I've started to take off part of Thursday, sort of like a day off. I am caught up on my emails (except for a few which require me to be at the studio).

But back to this morning. I got up bright and early, put up a few Youtube videos but then went back to sleep. It was delicious. I'm like an old guy now. I use a heating pad. That thing keeps me toasty at night.

I'm forty. What oh what shall I do for my mid-life crisis? I've decided to have three small ones rather than one big one. Any suggestions? Nothing illegal or immoral please. Irresponsible is OK.

I headed down the studio to wrap up some business. Among other things, we finished up a booster draft (four of us played in that) for Magic. Loads of fun, I can't wait until the next one.

What else? My main focus right now is to get projects booked for April.

While I was in Provo today I saw a guy holding a sign in the middle of a main thoroughfare: Abolish the IRS, Abolish the Fed. Of course, I stopped to see what was going on. He explained, "I got tired of doing nothing." Just one lone guy doing the only thing he could think of.



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