Ron Paul Fix- "Handle this in a deliberate fashion."

Google makes it ever so easy to find your representatives in congress (you have three: two Senators and one Congressman). Just start by typing in "Virginia Senators" for example. The official pages are usually right at the top and with a few clicks you can get them an email or a phone call.

I just googled "Senators from Utah" and the top entry was this:

U.S. Senate: Senators Home

I clicked on it and got the two phone numbers right off.

I then called and in both cases got a delightsome and pleasant young lady on the other end who took down my short message: "I am calling to encourage Senator X to support House Resolution 1207. Hey thanks, and have a great day!"

Total time: four minutes.

No need to call Chaffetz. I know he is doing the right thing.

Wow. Someone talking about the Constitution. At all.



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