High and Low Tide

An imperial guard Valkyrie. The plastic kit is coming out soon. This is an oldie but goodie I dug up this morning.

BTP as a business is like the incoming tide. There are high and low marks, but generally moving forward. Each high is higher than the last. And each low isn't as bad as before.

As usual, I got up and hit the keyboard in the wee hours, about 4am. Then I went back to sleep a few hours later. After driving the kids to school I found Sarah already at the office blackening some flush movement trays for a major tray project (a client ordered 65 of our fabulous flush trays.

Pretty much we're staying on top of things. My new resolution is to answer emails in a super-speedy manner. As it stands now it's near instant response time.

I am booking projects for painting in April now. It's best to order or send materials a few weeks ahead of time to allow for incoming-ship and assembly.

I left work around 4pm to go see a matinee with wife and kids. We went to see Bolt at the dollar theater. The kids loved it. I highly recommend it as a family movie. It's on par with anything from Pixar. If for no other reason than the opening sequence.

We are very close to



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