Movie Dad Review

My life has hit a new low. I'm watching a movie called Pirates of the Salt Lake. Er, a local production.

When I was just out of High School and going to a singles branch I met a girl named Paula. We were good friends. One night she showed up at my house ordering me to pack my bags. We drove all night to Salt Lake City, a place I had never before been. And on to various other adventures in the desert and city blah blah. Flash forward to heading home two days later. As we were driving by the Great Salt Lake I insisted that we stop for a swim. The shore is composed of decomposing algae which has the texture and smell of a six inch layer of human feces. And it's swarming with brine flies. The lake is two feet deep as far as you might care to walk out. Determined I headed out, swam around for a little bit and then trudged off for a rinse. Gross.

The real natural treasures are up in the mountains.

I thought Stephen King had co-wrote this one. Great fun for teens and adults but unless you want your younger ones wetting the bed, skip it. I would have liked to have gone to see it with my wife.

City of Ember
A fun little tale with some political overtones and not too scary. There is one scene where they are chased by a giant cavern mole. And in another scene the mole eats someone (no blood or violence shown). The sets are incredible and the story worth paying attention to. It was about the right speed for a goldfish like me. My nine-year old daughter was engrossed. Again, very evocative... great sets and memorable characters. It made me want to read the book.

It was a long and lazy Sunday. We went to the dedication of the Draper Temple... My daughter and I that is.



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