Schizoid Weather

Spring in Utah is my favorite season. The treeline looks like a painter's palette of gentle pastels. The highland desert air is rain-cleansed clear. No smog, just a gentle breeze. And when the sun goes down over the mountains far across Utah Lake, it's like the whole thing is transformed to ghostly glass.

Got the Chaos Renegade Imperial Guard army still on the block. I have a temporary urgency to sell it so I've got the price down to $1950 through Friday, April 30. If you've been lusting after it (as well you should) now's your chance. I'm in no hurry... generally.

Got in a huge order today. Salamanders GL. Blood Angels PW. Tyranids KJ. Among others.

Weather is having a hard time making up it's mind. It snowed lightly today, with some sleet and wind, but mostly cool and delightful. The dandelions are back with a vengeance. I spend some time every day when I get home from work weeding them out.

Need a sweet, sweet Ron Paul Fix? Look no further

Don't forget you Kentuckians that there is a primary race going on in your state where you get the privilege to vote for Rand Paul, one of the great Defenders of Liberty in our time!



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