Barely Human Slimeball

Isn't that a beautiful rock?

I cooked breakfast this morning and got to church (uplifting as always). I made a mass of steaming food for the family: bacon, scrambled eggs, hashed browns and red plums.

I spent the afternoon in a state of bliss: in bed in my shorts watching Red Dwarf. I'm on my third time through (maybe fourth) and I now own the series. I'm on season VI.

I've been reading through the Retribution of Scyrah book. I can't get enough of them, what a cool army! I also have a few old modules and the three Monster Manuals. I've been a useless lump all day.

Tamie is back up in Salt Lake taking care of her ailing father. Nothing like spinal surgery to ruin your day. He's in really bad shape, barely able to sit down or stand up after two days flat. For the prayerful, please lend your faith to his recovery.

PS- actually, I did do something worthwhile. I tackled a task my wife has wanted for a while; I replaced two toilet seats with new ones. Nasty business, that.



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